About CHETCH project

CHETCH is a research project financed by the European Commission with the 7th Framework Programme - PEOPLE MARIE CURIE ACTIONS - International Research Staff Exchange Scheme

The project intends to contribute actively to the cooperation between Europe and China through the investigating of opportunities for mutual integration in the healthcare sector.

Cooperation and potential synergies will be examined from a comprehensive perspective, including policies at national and local level, the legal environment, medical practices, healthcare industries and related businesses. In order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the integration opportunities, an interdisciplinary approach is followed. The tools and technical knowledge derived from the medical, legal, economics and humanities fields are used.

The primary objective of CHETCH is to increase the availability of interdisciplinary studies providing a comprehensive overview (including medical, legal, economic, and humanities perspectives) of Europe-China relations in healthcare.

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Through specific research outputs and international mobility scheme CHETCH aims at

Provide guideline

Provide guidelines, i.e. policy proposals to support policy-makers both at European and Chinese level; operational suggestions for companies working in/with China, to enhance bilateral trade and investment flows; specific suggestions to boost integration on TMC and WM research studies, etc.

Enhance scientific knowledge

Enhance scientific knowledge, through the theoretical and empirical finding of the different and joint research tasks

Improve research skills

Improve research skills. As a result of the mutually beneficial research collaboration between EU and Chinese centres of excellence, with a high reputation and knowledge in their fields, researchers will both enhance their specific knowledge and improve their interdisciplinary research skills, working in an extensive and global network of Partners

Create lasting knowledge networks

Create lasting knowledge networks. The mobility program and the joint research activities will allow the identification of projects to be carried out further to the CHETCH project. It will help establish and/or strengthen the integration and interdisciplinary research links among European and Chinese centres of excellence, not yet exploited by previous EU/Marie Curie projects