This web site is intended to present and disseminate CHETCH project's results during his final steps (CHETCH - China and Europe Taking Care of Healthcare Solutions - a project funded by the European Union under the Marie Curie Actions - IRSES GA no. 612589) making them simpler and faster to understand by using web multimedia contents.

Our purpose is to present the project to all the citizens both in EU and China and all over the world, let the researchers involved "meet" each other and make clear what are the results obtained by their research.

We hope to have realised our aim and you will enjoy our web site!

This web site was born by an idea of Aldo Caldarelli (art director & video maker - University of Macerata) and Roberto Rascioni (editor manager & web developer - University of Macerata) that, during the period between April and October 2017, have travelled trough China and Italy, meeting people involved in the project and interviewing the researchers.

Thanks to University of Macerata that gave us the opportunity to take part of this project and to all amazing people we have met during our journey!

Our special thanks and all our appreciation goes to Francesca Spigarelli (Vice coordinator of Chetch project - Associate Professor in Applied economics and Pro-Rector for the transfer of knowledge and competences, for entrepreneurship, for the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers and for Community project management of University of Macerata) to making our comunication project possible.

Aldo Caldarelli & Roberto Rascioni

This web site is made using GRAV, an Open Source flat-file CMS released under the MIT license